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Top rated websites for eco-friendly products

With so much buzz about eco-friendly everything these days, it can be dizzying wondering where’s the best place to buy these products that save the planet and make your life easier, too. Right? It’s sometimes hard to know which ones are selling the real thing and which ones are trying to cash in on a good thing while it’s hot. Well, look no further. Here’s a few of the best websites for purchasing  eco-friendly products.

For ten years, BuyGreen has been supplying homes, businesses and schools with eco-friendly products of all kinds. BuyGreen is family-owned, so their mission to provide harmless yet effective products is a genuine desire. They have many brands including BioBags, Green Guru, Bamboo Studio and West Paw Design, so the selection is phenomenal. When we say variety, we aren’t kidding. Organic wood sealer, non-toxic clothing, and tree-free paper are just a few of the surprising products customers can shop for on

Since 1967, ECOS has been a company dedicated to family-friendly cleaning products at affordable prices. Now shoppers in over 60 countries worldwide have access to all the company’s 150 Earth Friendly Products online at The Earth Friendly brand has the distinction of being the EPA’s 2015 Safer Choice Partner of the Year. This designation came because Earth Friendly Products are made from much safer ingredients while still proving effective.

For a boutique shopping experience, offers just that. The jewelry, handbags, beauty supplies (and many other products) sold by this online-exclusive retailer are hand-picked by a team of eco-activists with style and sustainability in mind. Products on this site are put through the ringer: organic, recycled, Fair Trade, Artisan, USA-made, and low toxicity are just a few of the adjectives you might see before one of EcoPlum’s products.

As the name suggests, The Honest Company ( sells products made of ingredients that it isn’t afraid to be honest about. Founder and actress Jessica Alba is proud to lend her name to this brand of products that she uses for her own family. From baby items to cleaning products, they have everything household. The Honest Company offers memberships where customers can pay a monthly fee and receive bundles of the products they use most often…definitely the way to go if (when) you fall in love with their products. Diapers, vitamins and cleaners are most commonly bundled. Bundling products allows for deep discounts.

Finally, GreenHome offers customers the chance to buy not just consumable goods, but products that will make your home “greener” long term, too. A chlorine-removing shower head, for example, will keep your family free of the potentially harmful chemical. The company also sells unique compostable utensils, cups, bowls and containers so that you are not overusing Styrofoam, throwing out plastic when it gets yucky, or tossing paper cups into the trash instead of recycling them. also sells convenient compost bags to deal with all your newfound compost! Their product line runs the gamut from home-related products to business-related ones.