kiss my face soap

Top all-natural shower products

Natural shower gels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners come from many different brands. Maybe because we put these products directly on our hair, skin and nails, their development far outreaches other types of household products. One brand, Kiss My Face, has gone one step farther, developing a line of body washes that are not only eco-friendly […]

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Best eco-friendly cleaning products

We want clean floors and surfaces in our homes, but we don’t want harmful chemicals intruding into our family’s everyday lives. What’s the solution? Eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning products! Vinegar and baking soda are both long-standing household remedies for many stains and odors. Many people swear by mopping their hardwood floors with nothing more than a […]

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wind energy

How we get electricity from wind

Wind turbines translate the wind in the atmosphere into electricity. Most turbines are fairly straightforward in their design: a tall supportive structure with 2-3 propellers on top. These vertical-axis turbines are what most people think about when they picture a wind turbine. Although far less common, there is also an “egg beater” style of turbine, […]

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